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Saiyans Empty Saiyans

Post by Zaya_Ayame on Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:04 am

[Insert Saiyan picture]

Racial Ability #1
~Saiyan Rage
Due to their unique ability to fight and conquer, they've perfected the art of battle. Upon activation in battle, a saiyan's power will continue to rise until it peaks out and the saiyan is exausted.
~Effect: [Upon Activation]
Post 1 - PLx1.1, Str x1.2, Spd x1.2
Post 2 - PL x1.2, Str x1.3, Spd x1.3
Post 3 - PL x1.3, Str x1.4, Spd x1.4
Final Post - PL x1.5, Str x1.5. Spd x1.5

Aftermath: PL is 80% of normal, Strength is halved, and Speed is halved.

Racial Ability #2
~5th Limb: A Saiyan's tail can be used as another limb and as such can also be used in battle. The tail can deflect energy attacks up to 80% of the user's PL. The tail also be a weakness if not controlled. 500 words to control the tail weakness.

~Near Death Recuperation: Saiyans do not meditate, as they are too energetic and cannot stay still for so long. They do however, get stronger after every near death battle. Once per month, they will gain a x1.6 increase from the result of battle.

Racial Technique
~Blutz Wave :
Saiyans already know that they can transform. This will allow them to transform at any point in time, but still only once a month. By utilizing this technique on the Full Moon, your PL will increase x1.1 before you transform.
-Effect: On a Full Moon PL x1.1 before transforming.

~Oozaru (Great Ape) -
The Saiyan's body begins to shift and grow into the shape of a Giant ape. The Saiyan will lose control unless they have a PL of 5,000 and Oozaru Control.
– PL required: No Requirement
– Effects: PL x5, Str x3, Spd x2

~ Awakened Saiyan -
This saiyan has found his calm in his transformation, and has awakened the true potential of his power. This gives the saiyan released potential beyond that of a Super saiyan.
- PL Required: 500,000
- Effects: PL x25, Str x5, Spd x5 [Stand-alone Transformation]

~Super Saiyan - A legendary Transformation that changes the hair gold and the eyes teal. This increases the Saiyan's power many fold.
- PL Required: 250,000
- Effects: PL x15, Str x3, Speed x3 Sen x2

~Super Saiyan 2 - The next level of a Super Saiyan, faster, stronger and more concentrated.
- PL Required: 1,000,000
- Effects [Stacked]: PL x3, Str x4, Spd x4, Sen x2

~Super Saiyan 3 - The Final Level of the Super Saiyan, in which the hair grows longer and the Saiyan is much faster than before, without sacrificing power.
- PL Required: 2,500,000
- Effects [Stacked]: PL x5, Str x5, Spd x5, Sen x2

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