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General Rules for Weapons and Meisters

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General Rules for Weapons and Meisters Empty General Rules for Weapons and Meisters

Post by Leoinpharoh on Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:01 pm


Meisters are allowed to make 2 abilities when they start, that they are then allowed to use without a weapon, AND MUST USE without a weapon. These attacks will be unavailable until you are a 3rd Star Meister. To gain Meister stars, it depends on the missions you take, the amount of Keishin egg's souls you collect and your overall rating as a fighter.

To gain the rank of 1st Star, you must first find a weapon for yourself that has learned to control their weapon form, and then pass the entrance exams, and then accept a 1st Star mission. At which time you will become a 1st Star Meister. This will grant you access to the dorms and training room.

To gain the rank of 2nd Star, you have to collect 50 Keishin egg souls and have a Power rating of 50,000 as well. This will grant you access to the 2nd Star missions, and training rooms.

To gain the rank of 3rd Star, you must have your death scythe (to see how to gain a death scythe, see the weapon rules), and have a Power rating of 120,000 as well. This will grant you access to the 3rd Star missions, and training rooms, as well as the ability to take missions directly from Lord Death, and give you access to special abilities (fighting without a weapon, etc.). On top of that, it will give you the option of becoming a teacher for the academy itself.

To gain a Weapon, you must have equal Power ratings, and you must post 50 SC about finding the weapon, as well as 25 more on your arrival to the DWMA. You and your weapon must function on a soulwave length, if your power ratings are out of whack, you won't be able to connect and therefore you will lose control of the weapon. If something happens and the weapon or the Meister can not post, either can make up the posts of the other. I.E. splitting thier posts in half so that they both get the same amount if they wish. If they do not, they will be incompatible. Though if you are a meister with a npc weapon, this is not an issue for you, since your Power rating will eaqual your Weapons. Meisters with NPC Weapons will also not need to wait until their Weapons master their weapon form and can assume they already have mastered it.

Meisters who lose their connection with their Weapons can never achieve soul resonance. Even if they gain a new weapon, they will not be able to achieve it. To achieve it with your original weapon, you must have at least 25 keishin egg's souls and 30,000 Power level.

If you want to have multiple weapons, you must go through a randomized test in which you have a 5% chance to gain the ability. To ask for the ability to weild two weapons put it in your application when you send it to me and I will run the test. This test can only be done ONCE!

If you do gain the ability to weild two weapons, all your stats will raise by 10% when fighting with your weapons, and to gain death scythes, you must double the amount of souls you must collect. And if you lose connection with even one of your weapons, you will not be able to achieve soul resonance.

(if i have forgot anything please inform me)



First off, to be a weapon, you have to have a weapon form. To gain your weapon form, you have to write 25 SC on entering the school and then 100 SC about signing up and taking the simple class on how to turn in and out of your weapon form. You can make it and NPC teacher and come up with any idea you want for how they teach, just get it across that you can turn into a weapon. After mastering your form, you gain 2 more abilities, plus the three you start out with.

Next you need to find your Meister, the person who will wield you while fighting. These can be found in the courtyard during the enrollment. A meister who can dual wield may want to wait until he has another weapon before entering the entrance exams. Very important, once you fight with a Meister, they will be the only ones who you will be able to soul resonate with so be careful with who you pick.

Alot might want to know how to become a death scythe, and what it means to become a death scythe. Well, this is where it comes in. To become a death scythe, you and your meister must gain the souls of 99 keishin eggs and 1 witch soul (double for dual wielders, and no you can not transform one and then the other), When you become a death scythe, you will have two forms, normal and death scythe mode. While in death scythe mode, your meister gains 10% to all his stats (doubled for duals) as well as gaining double the effects for soul resonance. You also gain 1 more attack for becoming a death scythe, and can still use your old moves with your new form.

Some weapons might want to or need to fight on their own. When this happens, their stats are all half that of their meisters. This encourages you to always stay close to your meister. Though with dual wielders, weapons can fight with each other with their meisters stats minus 10% from them all. Weapons can not soul resonate with one another.

(again if I have forgot anything, please tell me)

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