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Lunar Phases

General Rules for Witches and Guardians

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General Rules for Witches and Guardians Empty General Rules for Witches and Guardians

Post by Leoinpharoh on Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:04 pm


Each witch has a familiar which could be an item, or an animal that they chant before each spell. This can be in any form or fashion, even making the noise that the animal makes before a spell. The power of the spells are determined by your abilities and the stats that the admin gives them. You can add speed to these spells just like if they were regular attacks to make them stronger. To master your mantra, you must make a 75 SC post about using it and be at least 30,000 Power ranking.

Witches are able to take in followers. These work kind of like keishin eggs work for meisters and weapons. You gain more power the more followers you have. You can gain followers by either forcing them to follow you, or saving them and making them love you enough to follow you. Once you have 50 followers, you create a bond between you and each of your followers, allowing you to gain a 10% increase in your stats for 10 followers a post. If you reach 0 then the bond goes away and you have to start all over. However, if you gain 99 human followers, and 1 guardian follower, you may use a human sacrifice ritual, using all that energy and giving you a permanant 15,000 boost and a permanant 5% boost to all your stats. Though if you somehow fail in your ritual, your stats will be halved and each stat decreased by 5%.

Once you gain 25 followers, you create a bond with them, draining age from them instead of yourself, making you not age at all. You can choose to implement this bond or not.

To gain a guardian, you must either defeat an NPC character to make them join you, or a player's character can choose to join you. If this happens, and a player character joins you, you gain one extra spell called, "Master's Call" This spell allows you to "grab" your guardian from wherever he is to bring him to fight for you. Though you can not take any other actions while making this spell, this includes dodging or blocking any attacks as well. As well as, if your guardian is in a fight himself, he must finish his post with no attacks and post being drawn into a vortex that sucks him in.

If you so happen to gain a weapon that must be a player character and you lose HALF your spells, including "Master's Call". So choose wisely what you do!


Guardians are basically hired mercinaries that fight for their charges. Once they are into a deal, they will fulfill that deal with everything they have or die trying. For each charge they complete, they gain money that has no value other then with other guardians. To gain this money, you must stay with your charge at all times unless told to do otherwise by said charge. When doing so, you gain $100 each 500 SC. Be sure to keep track and show in your SC submissions that you have made the money. WARNING: IF YOU DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOU MADE THE MONEY THEN IT WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO YOU, EVEN IF YOUR SUBMISSION SHOWS YOU DID 500 SC.

Now to tell you what you get for this money. It will allow you to master your element by hiring another guardian trainer to train you to do so. You will need $1000, and 40,000 to gain mastery over your element. When you master your element, you will gain an elemental weapon, giving you a 10% boost to all your stats and access to a new ability. This ability is called, "Elemental Torrent" It encases your body in your element, adding 50% more damage to every physical attack you do for 2 posts for the cost of 500 Stamina.

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