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Intro to Shinigami

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Intro to Shinigami Empty Intro to Shinigami

Post by Sairi on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:21 am


Shinigami are a race of noble beings whom value their pride above all else. They have lived for centuries, safeguarding the world of the living from what they believe to be evil entities, Hollows. As well as defeating hollows and defending humans, shinigami also help by leading lost souls to the afterlife aka Soul Society.

Shinigami have five differnt classifications in total. Brutes, the power types, Tanks, the enduring types, Agile, the assassin type, and Genius, the Intelligent type. Should a shinigami not choose to master one of these four classes, then they are regarded to the fifth classification, Stubborn, the last stand type.

New RPers will find that Shinigami is by far the easiest race to choose when role playing. Not only is the world for shinigami set in stone, but as you become stronger, you will learn all the individual aspects of fighting and living.

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