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Lunar Phases

Intro to Hollows

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Intro to Hollows Empty Intro to Hollows

Post by Sairi on Tue Jul 19, 2011 6:09 am


Blood thirsty creatures driven by pure instinct. They origin from a void known
as Hueco Mundo but on occasion make their ways into the world of the
living. From that point they begin to fest on lost souls and living
beings with stronger spiritual powers, only to make themselves stronger
and more ferocious.

Hollows have four forms all together starting with their most basic form otherwise known as the Base. From the Base, as a hollow grows it can evolve into 1 of 3 different types.
The type that revolves around speed and stealth also known as the Flight. The type that revolves around strength also known as the Beast. And the type that revolves around self preservation also known as the Skeletal.
Each type focuses and grows in its own way, and only time will tell how these beings will progress...


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