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Post by Akuji on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:42 pm

- Respect the staff members and all other members on this forum. If you
do not, it won't be taken lightly and there WILL be consequences.
Everyone wants to be treated with dignity and respect. Flaming,
trolling, or any other kind of rudeness will be tolerated.

- No
god-modding, power playing, meta-gaming. Your character can't control
the action of other characters (unless you have permission). You are not
immune to being hurt. Your character is not invincible, everyone has
his weaknesses. You also cannot dodge every attack.

- Stay true
to your character personality. Emo-characters don't go around laughing
like baffoons neither hyperactive knuckleheads are depressed all the

- Each post must be at least 5 sentences long. It's ain't
that hard to do. It is the minimum - we do not expect books every post.
Please have good grammar. This forum likes to have standards about those
who write on it; please be an intermediate to an advanced level of

- This site only uses the English language to communicate
between members (unless two members wish to talk privately in another

- Try to post at least once a week, unless you are
waiting on people. We want to have as many active threads as possible.
Also let us know when you are leaving, we don't like it when members
dissapear just like that.

- You are allowed to have up to three character, and as a matter of fact, we urge you to take more than one.

Do not post in any application that isn't yours unless you are staff,
or have been given permission by staff to post there. If you have
something to say about a template, PM one of the moderators working that

- Do not post an only OOC comment within an IC
topic, unless you are a staff member who has been asked to give an
opinion on something.


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