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Lunar Phases

Skill leveling and Quests

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Skill leveling and Quests Empty Skill leveling and Quests

Post by Rensaku on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:13 pm

There are two things needed level up a skill, first you need to post about you using your skill. Say you have unarmed as a skill and you want to level it up, you need to post about using your fist and any other part of your body as a weapon until you think you may be able to level it up. Your weapons also need to be leveled up too. After that you need to pm one of the mods about what skill you think you can level up. If a mod aproves it then you can update your skill's rank. When you pm a mod make shure you tell them what skills you can level up and what skill you will level up next week. And remeber, your weapon's levels start out level zero, your skills start at level one.

Quests will be given out by mods. We will give you a quest based on what your skills are. Sometimes one of us may even throw in an arc. An arc has a big effect on the rp, good or bad. All Arc npcs will be ran by a mod.

If you have any questions, pm one of the mods, we will be glade to help you. Wink

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