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Post by Zaya_Ayame on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:01 pm

Rules Rules

Basic Rules
- Please follow all the Rules that will follow this rule
- Do not God Mod – Making yourself seem like the powerful being in the universe when you just started playing the game. Nobody gets it that easy! =D
- Do not Powergame – Killing off Frieza with a PL of 500
- Do not Metagame – Giving your character knowledge that you're character shouldn't have or using knowledge from the Subforum.
- Do Not be rude – People don't like when your rude – it's just not Crisco. . .
- Don't stop progression - As the RPG progresses and and more features are created more rules may be created here (Don't worry, I'll update you!)

Permit Board Rules
- Feel free to be creative
- Wait for approval or criticism on your weapon/move/abilities
- If you don't have a reply in 2 days you can bump your thread
- Don't throw a fit if your permit doesn't get approved
- As the RPG progresses and and more feature are creates more rules may be created here

Update Board Rules
- Please wait patiently
- Do not double post or post 5 single updates in a row (Let the mod get to updates in order)
- Do not post in another person's Update Thread
- If a Mod finds a problem in an update – either correct it or let them correct it and do not cause a fuss
- If an update is skipped unintentionally please bring it to the Mod's attention in a rational manner – Don't whine and say 'Duude! You e'ffing skipped my update on purpose! I got like 5000 PL!'

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