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Lunar Phases

Waking up

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Waking up Empty Waking up

Post by Leoinpharoh on Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:45 am

Zien opened his eyes slowly, his vision blurry as he shakes the sand from his head. Looking up at the sky, it was grey patched with black, like almost as if the stars themselves were blacked out. Coughing a little he stands up warily, falling once more. He didn't feel right, like he had no balance at all. Trying to stand again, he put one foot down and then planted the other, using his hands to thrust up and lift himself up. He stood for a moment, and then fell backwards onto his back with a loud, OMPF! A cloud of sand rose up around him and he started to cough. His eyes were blinded and he rose one of his hands to wipe the sand out of it.When he did, he felt something, almost like a rock. Opening his eyes, he looked at his.... paw!!?!? He had paws for hands, and feet too!? Looking behind him, he saw a large tail that lay low against the sand. What in the... What was going on? He was a wolf? He felt his face with his paw again, feeling a rock hardedness. What in the hell was on his face!?

"That's your mask, ya blitherin' idiot."


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