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Why we're leaving. . .

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Why we're leaving. . . Empty Why we're leaving. . .

Post by Zaya_Ayame on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:50 am

Yes, me and Sairi are leaving and we're taking Leo's babies with us too!

No, in a seriousness, me and her are leaving because of many reasons. I will explain those reasons, but I will first say the main reason:

EXPLOITER, This is because of you.

I don't take kindly to people who come to a site they 'co-created' and then (as Leo is away) change shit up as you please! Then with this 'The New Order Of Things' BS?! No.

He~ll No!

So, you can have the site (Or not, depending on how LEO wants it, since I believe this site belongs to HIM and KHAI! I add her in there because at least she was helpful and rational. >>)

Onto the other reasons. . .

1) This site is terribly unorganized. Systems were glitchy as best and we all had a theme in mind that conflicted with each other. Nothing is in order and even though we have the ability to moderate our forums, there still has to be some sort of order, in which there is none.

For a free form RP, there doesn't have to be balance. But for all these stat-based Rps nothing was balanced. Everything was all over the place and certain classes were stronger than other classes - no matter what.

And a lot of the ideas of these RPs are too far from the original concept of the anime they're derived from.

2) The management is poor. Yes, mainly because of YOU, Ex. You 'co-create' the site and after 2 weeks come back and think 'Yeah, I CO-CREATED it! I'M THE POWER!'

The power was meant to be absolutely shared - not horded. You need to respect the members, because they're the lifeblood of the RPG and by disrespecting and holding power over the members - it's no wonder we're leaving. You don't treat any of us with respect.

No, fuck you. >> LEO is the power, if at all.

Zaya rests her case.

By the way, I think you're a power-hungry man-child who may be the oldest on the site but is the most childish out of everyone.

~Peace and Love~
~Zaya_Ayame~ The Lovely Silver Saiyan. . .


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